• Approx 2 Hour Zoom Consultation with Martin Rapley
  • ​Learn Martin's Project Appraisal Blueprint
  • Follow-up with PDF Presentation of everything discussed
  • Video Recording of the Call
  • ​Full Analysis and Appraisal of your Deal
  • ​Help to Ensure you NEVER Pay Too Much for a Deal
This is for you if:

You want to identify the LIKELY COST of your project

You want to understand the RISKS in a project

You want to establish the most you can OFFER for a deal to still make a PROFIT

You want to learn the PROCESS of putting together a Deal Appraisal

You want to learn the COSTS of typical elements of your project

Your lender requires a CONSULTANT'S APPRAISAL of your deal

You want an
INDEPENDENT analysis of your deal

You want help UNDERSTANDING what you can do with a property

You don’t want to pay too much for a deal.


  • Any potential additional value in the deal
  • Which consultants you might need
  • Buildability of the scheme
  • ​Potential risks in the project
  • ​Likely duration of the project
  • ​Assistance to calculate your offer price
  • ​Anything else you might need to help ensure you are buying the right property for the right price

If you learn this process, you can make offers quicker.

Most builders are not property investors and can't price speculative schemes.

Learn Martin's Project Appraisal Blueprint

Even if the deal doesn’t stack, you’ll have learnt the valuable process to help with every future deal.

"Martin has managed to save us thousands and we recommend you get him involved right at the start of the project to stop it going wrong."

Martin is a real asset to our business. We have always appreciated his advice and experience that he has provided for us on our development and conversion projects. Martin through his experience has managed to save us thousands and we recommend you get him involved right at the start of the project to stop it going wrong. - Aaron Prowse at A & E Property Ltd
Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the consultation take?

Typically 2 hours, sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more so set aside 2½ hours to be safe.

I have a number of ideas for the property I want to buy, can I discuss them all?

Yes, we will focus on one of them and then consider the options to find the most profitable outcome for you.

Why is this better than getting my builder to do it for free?

A) Builders are generally not good at understanding speculative projects or even working from planning drawings.

B) Builders are generally not property investors so often won't help you understand the big picture.

C) Builders will only focus on the cost of the work, in your call we will appraise the deal.

D) Builders generally won't give you a consultation and allow you to ask any question you like.

What if I have another idea after the call?

Just drop Martin an email and he will update the figures for you.

What do I need to provide?

A floor plan (Rightmove is fine), a proposed floor plan (red lines on the Rightmove plan is enough), photos of the property, full address of the property, links to any planning applications and the likely end value (GDV) of the site.

What will you give me after the call?

A recording of the Zoom call and the financial appraisal that we produce in PDF format.

Can I send this to my Broker to help me secure finance?

Yes, it will be in a format that will enable you to obtain a decision in principal and will massively improve your credibility as a borrower.

What I need from you...

  • Existing floor plans (rough is fine)
  • Proposed floor plans (the above with ideas sketched over)
  • Photos
  • ​Links to any previous planning applications
  • ​Full address
  • ​Indicative end values of finished units

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this programme for new property investors?

Is this programme for new property investors? 
Yes. However, it would be better if you had some previous experience, or failing that, you've completed my Refurbishment Masterclass first before moving to the advanced programme.
Is this programme for experienced property investors? 
Yes. If you have carried out lots of successful refurbishments but you think you could have done better then you will definitely get some benefit from this course
Do I need to have found a property to refurbish before joining this programme? 
Definitely not, in fact the course will help you to ensure that you are much better prepared BEFORE committing to your purchase.
I get the same builder to carry out all of my refurbishments, why do I need this programme? 
Remember that builders are good at building not necessarily property investing. Complacency is one of the biggest risks to property refurbishment and acquiring these skills can add huge value to your entire process. 
How do I access this programme? 
It’s all on video that you will have lifetime access to. Once you complete your purchase the course will appear in your members area.
Will you be running any flash sales or special offers? 
No. This is the best price that the Advanced Refurbishment Masterclass will ever be. This price is my way of saying thank you for investing in one of my other programmes.
Do I need to watch all of the videos in one go? 
No, they can all be watched individually which means you can easily refer back to the right video when you reach that stage of the process. Don't forget, you get lifetime access.
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